Preparation of instructional guidance documents
Draft of requirements to the selection of technological samples and guidelines for sample selection during geological exploration and prospecting and alloying metals.
Draft of guidelines for preliminary rough enrichment of ferrous and alloying metals.

Technological assessment of main geological industrial types of ferrous and alloying metals based on innovative methods and technologies of study and processing of minerals
Radiometric enrichment of different ore types of ferrous and alloying metals: practically non-washable ferromanganese ore from Kaidatskoye deposit (samples Кг-1, Кг-3) using X-ray radiometric methods and polychromic photometric method; refractory manganese ore of silicate-carbonate and carbonate-silicate types (samples У-1(U-1) and У-2(U-2)); high-alumina chrome ore from Verkhny-Pogureskoye mineral occurrence, high ferriferous chrome ore from Egartskoye ore occurrence, high ferriferous chrome ore from Engayskoye ore occurrence.
Deep concentration: low-quality refractory complex ferrous ore exemplified by magnetite scarn ore (Tagarskoye deposit); titanium magnetite ore exemplified by deposits of different titanium grades (Sobstvenno-Kachkanarskoye deposit, Chineiskoye deposit, Magnitny area, Pudozhgorskoye deposit); perovskite titanium magnetite ore (Africanda deposit); apatite ilmenite titanium magnetite ore (Big Saim deposit).
Hydrometallurgical processing of vanadium-bearing titanium magnetite concentrates of various material composition.
We developed efficient technological schemes of enrichment and conversion in collaboration with “Central Scientific-Research institute for ferrous metals”.