Разработка инвестиционных проектов геологического изучения перспективных объектов черных, легирующих и редких металлов в пределах первоочередных минерально-сырьевых центров экономического развития

We suggested processing of mineral solutions treatment produced in the process of Krasnoye mineral occurence performance by means of in-situ leaching. We put together initial data on implementation of technological processes and feasibility study. We defined recovery parameters for siderite-ankerite-magnetite ore (29.5% Fe and 0.17% copper) from Arshinskoye deposit with the help of magnetite flotation scheme: 62.5% for Fe and 92.1% for copper concentrate (75% copper). We compiled reference data on implementation, produced data for feasibility analysis, carried out pilot tests and developed scheme of magnetite ore enrichment from Gurvunur deposit. The Fe content in the concentrate 62.5% at 85.6% Fe recovery. We designed quantitative and qualitative enrichment scheme, we compiled reference data for implementation of technological process and produced data for feasibility study.