Reviews devoted to a specific type of minerals comprise and systematize information on the state of mineral resource complex and its development dynamics.

Structure of reviews:

  1. Characteristics of mineral resource base.

1.1 Amount of in-situ resources and reserves globally.

1.2. Distribution of global reserves and resources based on main geological industrial types of deposits.

1.3. Distribution of global reserves and resources by countries and regions.

1.4. Brief characteristics of mineral resource bases of leading countries – reserves holders, main deposits.

1.5. Russia and world mineral resources..

  1. Extraction of mineral resources and commodity production.

2.1. Volumes of extraction and primary commodity production globally.

2.2. Most important geological industrial types of deposits – commodity sources.

2.3. Brief characteristics of each leading country producing commodities.

  1. Spheres and volume of commodity consumption.

3.1. Stages of processing of the type of minerals and its product.

3.2. Main spheres and volume of commodity consumption.

3.3. Volume and dynamics of commodity consumption globally and by large areas and leading consumer countries.