Specialists of our Centre conduct complex monitoring and analysis of the state of domestic commodity market of solid minerals of different processing stages in order to assess the capability of the national mineral resource complex to satisfy the needs of national economy at the moment and in the long-term. Thematic information and analysis materials are prepared according to feed, industry and region on the basis of this data.

The focus of our concern:

  • internal spheres of commodity consumption of different processing stages (including new and possible use directions);
  • principal and secondary producers of ore commodity: its mineral base, results of production activity, plans and prospects;
  • directions and delivery volume of produced ore commodity, including export;
  • level of domestic consumption of commodities of different processing stages and development prospects;
  • domestic supply level of commodities of different processing stages.

Structure of reviews exemplified by review of aluminium domestic market:

  1. Spheres of aluminium and aluminium commodity use

1.1. Spheres of aluminium commodity use

1.2. Spheres of alumina, alumunium hydroxide and aluminium salts use

1.3. Spheres of use of aluminium and its alloys

  1. Production and directions of use of aluminium commodity in Russia

2.1. Production and directions of bauxites use

2.2. Production and directions of nepheline ore use

  1. Assessment of resource endowment for the Russian mining sector
  2. Reference list

Fig. 1.1.1. Spheres of non-metallurgic bauxite use globally, %

Fig. 1.2.1. Spheres of non-metallurgic alumina and aluminium hydroxide use globally, %

Fig. 1.2.2. Spheres of calcined alumina use for non-metallurgic purposes globally, %

Fig. 1.2.3. Spheres of super-pure alumina use globally, %

Fig. 1.3.1. Global consumption of primary aluminium and total amount of primary and secondary aluminium by areas of consumption, %

Fig. 2.1.1. Bauxite extraction on Russian deposits in 2005-2015, th. tonnes

Fig. 2.1.2. Bauxite import in the Russian Federation in 2012-2015, th. tonnes

Fig. 2.1.3. Bauxite deliveries to the Russian market in 2015, th. tonnes

Fig. 2.2.1. Dynamics of nepheline ore extraction by OAO “RUSAL Alumina Refinery Plant”, a publicly held company under the laws of the Russian Federation, in 1995-2015, th. tonnes

Fig. 2.2.2. Dynamics of nepheline concentrate production by JSC “Apatit” in 1995–2015, th. tonnes

Table 2.1.1. Physical and chemical parameters of different types of bauxites

Table 2.1.2. Application of different types of bauxites

Table 2.1.3. Application of different types of bauxites

Table 2.1.4. Physical and chemical parameters of bauxites produced by OAO “Northern Onega Bauxite Mine” (“Severo-Onezhsky Bauxite Mine”), a publicly held company under the laws of the Russian Federation