Specialists of our Centre monitor the state and use of mineral resource base of 228 types of solid minerals in Russia in total and its regions (including the Arctic zone). 228 types of solid minerals are included in the State Register of Mineral Resources of the Russian Federation and comprise coal, uranium, black, non-ferrous, alloy, rare and rare-earth and precious metals, diamonds and non-metalliferous minerals.

Results of this hard work provide the basis for publishing of materials (including reviews) by region, feed and industry and include relevant information on:

  • status and dynamics of feed;
  • status of inferred resources;
  • results of geological prospecting and exploration from federal budget and extra-budgetary resources;
  • extraction of mineral resources and manufacturing of commodities;
  • prospects of increase in extraction by means of integration of new deposits;
  • directions of commodity use;
  • problems of mineral bases and ways of their solution.

Our reviews can be characterized with high visualization level of provided information which enables creation of various thematic presentations. Unification of content and structure of reviews allows to consider each review as a chapter of the book which gives answers to all questions on domestic mineral resources complex.


Nikitina Ekaterina Sergeevna
Head of the Information and Analytical Center for Subsoil Use
tel. +7 (495) 950-33-57

Chernova Aleksandra Dmitrievna
Head of the department for monitoring of solid mineral base and Mineral management
tel. +7 (495) 950-35-56