Metrological service of FSBI VIMS is certified to evaluate measurement techniques (methods) and carry out metrological expertise of documents regarding exploitation of mineral resources.

Аттестат аккредитации метрологической службы

  • Provision of uniform measurements;
  • Development of the industry’s methodological base;
  • Harmonization with international and national documents

FSBI VIMS conducts works on

  • Evaluation of measurement techniques (methods):

Of chemical composition of mineral resources, products of its enrichment and processing, metals and alloys, waste (including process medium in prospecting, building, heat and power, geological prospecting, geoecological and mining activity);

Of elemental composition of drinking, natural (surficial and subsurface), waste water and treated waste water, process water, wastewater sludge, precipitation, industrial air emissions, atmosphere, workplace air, soil, ooze, bottom sediments, plants

Of indicators of radiation contamination of environmental objects and man-made mineral formations;

Of phase composition of rocks, ore and nonmetallic mineral resources, products of its enrichment and processing;
based on the following measurement techniques:
titrimetric, gravimetric, coulonometric, potentiometric, photometric, spectrophotometric, flame-photometric, atomic absorption, atomic emissive with inductively-coupled plasma, mass-spectrometric with inductively-coupled plasma, X-ray fluorescence, ionometric, nuclear physical, optical mineralogicalm X-ray graphical, infrared spectroscopy;

  • metrological expertise of project, design, process control documentation on exploration activity, assessment, prospecting and development of mineral resource deposits and extraction of natural resources, including documentation on development of reference material.


Belousova Alina Anatolyevna
Deputy Head of the department
tel. +7 (495) 950-33-45

Avralova Marina Andreevna
Chief Engineer
tel. +7 (495) 950-33-85