Key function of international trade is compensation of geographical dispersion of production and consumption fields of any goods. At the same time we often face untenable cargo flows that arise from traditions and are caused by economic and geopolitical factors, structure of vertical-integrated companies and many other things. Furthermore any changes in commodity composition of international trade, its volumes and directions have direct impact on commodity producers, its consumers whether they are single enterprises/companies or countries/regions. Therefore without understanding of the situation with global and regional cargo flows it is difficult to assess the state of mineral resource complex as whole. However, being aware of development trends helps us to make forecasts about the changes in commodity flow.

We monitor and analyze international trade in terms of:

  • Commodity composition of international trade and its transformation with time
  • Dynamics of volumes of international trade (actual and/or in monetary terms)
  • Main export countries with review of their transformations and role at the market