Based on

  • analysis of global and regional balance between consumption and production of commodities,
  • dynamics of world prices for commodities of different processing stages,
  • structure and dynamics of international trade in commodities,
  • structure and dynamics of production of commodities and its raw material supply,
    taking into account events (including, political) influencing state and conditions of mining and processing industries and fields of commodity consumption,

main development trends of global mineral resource complex and international commodity market are being identified. On the basis of identified trends we offer a short-term forecast of the state of international commodity markets, determine risks that industry branches and whole companies or enterprises can face

Specialists of FSBI VIMS prepare reviews on international markets of most valuable solid mineral resources

Structure of the reviews:

  1. Characteristics of commodity consumption with review of fields of its application and dynamics.
  2. Characteristics of commodity production with review of its dynamics for a certain period of time, main producers (countries, companies, enterprises), development directions.
  3. Raw material supply for commodity production with characteristics of mineral resource base and its development directions
  4. Characteristics of international trade as compensation tool of geographical dispersion of commodity production and consumption with review of main commodities, trade volume and main exporters and importers.
  5. Characteristics of the state and development trends of global commodity market with review of demand (consumption) and supply (production) in commodity industry and its prices within the framework of mineral resource complex in whole and its separate components.

Development forecast of international commodity market and mining industry with review of different possible risks.