Our Centre is a team of high-qualified researchers and analysts with unique experience in comprehensive study and analysis of the global and domestic mineral resources complex. In our work we use a comprehensive approach “from minerals to market – from market to minerals” which is considered to be unique in Russia.

Main direction of our activity is information and analysis support of Federal Agency for Mineral management (Rosnedra), Ministry of Natural Resources and other government bodies in a wide range of issues related to:

  • state of mineral bases of solid mineral resources in Russia and globally, tendencies and prospects of their development and exploration;
  • state, directions and prospects of development of the mining industry in Russia and globally;
  • state, directions and prospects of development of the international and domestic mineral market.

We prepare information and analysis materials on state, changes and use of solid mineral base in the Russian Federation and globally. Their ultimate purpose is to improve the quality of management decisions in the sphere of Mineral management (including federally funded designing of GRE works and licensing of subsoil areas) and feed safety in Russia.

Key priority direction of the Centre’s activity is the preparation of the State report on the status and use of mineral resources of the Russian Federation.

Distinctive feature of our work is comprehensive approach in task solution, efficiency and high quality.


Kozlovsky Dmitry Sergeevich
Head of the department for information and analysis support of Mineral management
tel. +7 (495) 950-35-55

Nikitina Ekaterina Sergeevna
Head of the Information and Analytical Center for Subsoil Use
tel. +7 (495) 950-33-57

Chernova Aleksandra Dmitrievna
Head of the department for monitoring of solid mineral base and Mineral management
tel. +7 (495) 950-35-56