The department consists of 29 employees, including 1 doctor of sciences and 3 candidates of sciences. The staff is proficient in modern and innovative techniques of quantitative chemical analysis. Combining modern analytical technologies and gathered experience, the analytical department of FSBI VIMS can solve tasks of different level of difficulty on determination of chemical composition of analyzed objects (mineral resources, ground, soil, bottom deposits, ooze, waste water sludge, natural water, drinking, discharged and sea water, objects of plant origin).

Analytical department of FSBI VIMS:

  • is certified in national system of accreditation by the Federal Agency for Accreditation “RusAccreditation” - Certificate of Accreditation No. RA.RU.21ГП11;
  • is certified in international system of accreditation Think-tank Association “Analytics” - Certificate of Accreditation No. ААС.А.00255;
  • has a Certificate of conformity with the requirements of the System of voluntary certification of laboratories and systems of quality management in organisations of subsoil use “UKARGEO” - Certificate of Accreditation No. СДС «УКАРГЕО» RU 0036.17.

Activity directions:

  • ordinary sample analysis of natural and technogenic objects with assurance of accuracy and quality control in compliance with OST 41-08-212-04, OST 41-08-214-04 and OST 41-08-265-04;
  • external reference and arbitrary sample analysis of natural and technogenic objects in compliance with OST 41-08-272-04;
  • complex and unique researches of elemental composition of different objects under analysis;
  • development and certification of analytical methodologies in compliance with the requirements of GOST Р 8.563-96, GOST R ISO 5725-02 and OST 41-08-205-04.

Objects under analytical control:

  1. Mineral resources (rocks, ore and non-metallic resources, minerals), products of their enrichment and processing (concentrates, mine refuse, waste, heap, metals and alloys, metal salts).
  2. Solid mineral resources from the World Ocean.
  3. Soil, ground, bottom deposits, ooze, waste water sludge.
  4. Natural waters (surface and underground waters, including sources of domestic and drinking water supply), drinking, discharged and sea waters.
  5. Objects of plant origin.

Techniques of analysis:

  • X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRS);
  • Atom-emitting with inductively-coupled plasma (AE ICP);
  • Mass-spectral with inductively-coupled plasma (MS ICP);
  • Atomic absorption (AA);
  • IR-spectroscopy (IR);
  • photometric (FM);
  • titrimetric (TM);
  • ionometric (IM);
  • gravimetric (GrM);
  • gasometric (GsM);
  • magnetochemical (MgC).

Techniques of measurement:

  • more than 90 measurement techniques are employed, more than 70 of them belong to NSAM (Research Council for analytical methods of research). They are included in the “Industry-specific register of analysis methods approved (recommended) for application in laboratory-analytical support of prospecting and exploration work on solid mineral resources”;
  • analytical technologies that are based on the application of complexes of modern techniques and methods of analysis, including one-of-a-kind techniques, are employed.

Instruments and equipment:

  • successive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer MagiX-Pro (“Philips”, The Netherlands);
  • successive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer Axios (“PANalytical”, The Netherlands);
  • atomic absorption spectrometer with inductively-coupled plasma Optima-4300DV (“Perkin Elmer”, the USA);
  • atomic absorption spectrometer with inductively-coupled plasma ICPE-9000 (“Shimadzu”, Japan);
  • mass-spectrometer with inductively-coupled plasma Elan-6100 (“Perkin-Elmer”, the USA);
  • mass-spectrometer with inductively-coupled plasma iCAP Q (“Thermo Fisher Scientific”, the USA);
  • atomic absorption spectrometer AAnalyst-800 (“Perkin-Elmer”, the USA);
  • analyzer of Sulphur and carbon SC-144DR (“LECO Corporation”, the USA);
  • scanning double-beam spectrophotometer Lambda 35 (“Perkin-Elmer”, the USA);
  • spectrophotometer ПромЭкоЛаб (PromEcoLab) ПЭ-5400 (OOO PromEcoLab, a limited liability company under the laws of Russian Federation, Russia);
  • fluid analyzer ЭКСПЕРТ (EXPERT) – 001-3 (OOO Econix-Expert, a limited liability company under the laws of Russian Federation, Russia);

electronic laboratory balance Сартогосм ВР (Sartogosm HR) of the 1st and 2nd accuracy classes (ZAO Sartogosm, a closely held company under the laws of the Russian Federation , Russia).


Gubanova Tatyana Yurievna
Head of the Department
tel. +7 (495) 950-35-35

Busygina Natalia Sergeevna
Deputy Head of the Department
tel. +7 (495) 950-30-50

Group of sample admission and issue of reports
tel. +7 (495) 950-35-36
tel. +7 (985) 913-93-74
fax. +7 (495) 950-34-34

Group of methodological support
tel. +7 (495) 950-30-10
tel. +7 (495) 950-30-20
tel. +7 (495) 951-19-06