Laboratory of isotopic methods of analysis was accredited by Think Tank Association “Analytics” (Accreditation Certificate No. AAC.A.00274, till 05/18/2021) in compliance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2009). It is one of the leading scientific and methodological centre in the sphere of trace study of environmental objects for solution of problems of radiation control and monitoring, radioecology, certification, prospecting and exploration work for radioactive materials.

Activity directions:

  • Measurement of activity of natural and artificial radioactive isotopes, total alpha- and beta-activity of a wide range of objects
  • Development, certification and supply of measurement methods of radioisotope indicators
  • Complex radioecological monitoring of contaminated regions and abnormal areas, radioecological research
  • Prospecting and exploration work for radioactive materials

Research subjects:

  • Natural water, discharged and tempered process waters
  • Soil, subsoil and bottom deposits
  • Rocks, ore, minerals, products of its enrichment and processing
  • Building material, construction and industrial waste
  • Residential and industrial areas, development sites
  • Air quality: residential and industrial buildings, soil air, aerosols

Analytes and characteristics:

  • Volume and specific activity of isotopes 238U, 235U, 234U, 232Th, 230Th, 228Th, 227Th, 226Ra, 228Ra, 223Ra, 224Ra, 210Po, 210Pb, 222Rn, 40K, 239+240Pu, 238Pu, 241Am, 244,243Cm, 137Cs, 134Cs, 60Co, 103Ru, 106Ru, 141Ce, 144Ce, 90Sr, 154Eu, 152Eu, 125Sb etc.;
  • Total alpha- and beta-activity;
  • Radiation dose rate;
  • “Hot” particles, their composition and size;
  • Positional relation of radionuclides in objects;
  • Absolute radiological age of minerals, ores, rocks.

Equipment and methodological support of research of radionuclide composition:

  • Certified methodology of radionuclide and radiographic analysis;
  • High-sensitive gammaspectometer with HPGe and semi-conductor detectors “Ortec-65195-P/DSPecPlus”, “Ortec-GLP32355/10-P/DSPec” and “Gamma-Vision” support (USA);
  • Alpha-spectrometers with PIPS-detectors “Ortec Octete/Ocpl-U0600-PPS230” and “Alpha-Vision” support (USA);
  • Low-background multichannel flow proportional alpha- and beta-counter “Berthold LB-770/5L/PS” (Germany);
  • Low-background alpha- and beta- contaminator meters with PIPS-detectors УМФ-2000, with software and functionality of alpha-spectrometer;
  • Beta- and gamma- spectrometric complex on the basis of scintillation detector and software “ПРОГРЕСС-Б-Г”(PROGRESS-B-G);
  • Alpha track, beta- and gamma-photodetector, optical comparison microscope;
  • Radiometer and dose-rate meter РРА-01М-03, ДКС-96, СРП-88Н.


Laboratory’s e-mail address:

Gulynin Aleksandr Viktorovich
Laboratory chief
tel. +7 (495) 959-34-33

Scientific coordination
Bakhur Aleksandr Evstafievich
Principal Researcher
tel. +7 (495) 950-34-21

Quality management
Ovsiannikova Tatiana Mikhailovna
Principal Researcher and Quality Manager
tel. +7 (495) 959-34-33

Alpha-spectrometry, radiometry
Zuev Dmitry Mikhailovich
Senior Scientific Worker
tel. +7 (495) 959-34-33

Starodubov Aleksey Valerievich
Senior Scientific Worker
tel. +7 (495) 959-34-33

Manuilova Lidia Ivanovna
Senior Scientific Worker
tel. +7 (495) 959-34-33