Dissertation for a candidate degree in geological and mineralogical sciences ”CONDITIONS OF LOCALIZATION OF EXOGENOUS URANIUM MINERALIZATION IN GASHUNSKY DEPRESSION (ROSTOV REGION, THE REPUBLIC OF KALMYKIA) “ majoring in 25.00.11 Geology, prospecting and exploration of solid minerals, minerageny

Dissertation Board D 216.005.01

Federal State Budgetary Institution “All-russian scientific-research institute of mineral resources named after N.M.Fedorovsky” (FSBI VIMS)

31 Staromonetny ln, 119017, Moscow
Tel.: (495) 951-50-43, 951-50-43
E-mail: vims-dissovet@mail.ru; dissovet@vims-geo.ru

Expected date of defence – June 14, 2013 at 11.00 a.m. in the Big Hall

Автореферат Каминов