Academic board is an advisory body which gets appointed by the institute director from the leading researchers, heads of departments with key research directions of the institute, board of Directors’ members and, if necessary, leading specialists in the sphere.

At the moment the Academic board operates under the Order No. 98 dd. November 11, 2016:

Meetings of the Academic board are carried out according to the annual work plan approved by the director. If necessary, additional meetings can be held during the year. The dates are set by the director.
The agenda of the Academic board meeting is approved by the institute director on the basis of the annual plan and suggestions that can be made in the process of work by scientific subdivisions, functional departments and public organizations of the institute.
The preparation of documentation for the meeting and presentation of the materials (minutes, decisions) is conducted by the academic secretary.
During the meeting the Academic board:
• discusses issues of the scientific and technological development of the geological sphere based on the activity directions of the institute and determines the ways of solution;
• considers efficiency of the institute’s researches and outcome of measures on their implementation;
• considers draft plans of research works, preparation of academic staff, publishing of scientific papers, conference and meetings programs;
• considers reports on important results of scientific and organizational work of the institute;
• discusses important scientific issues, scientific reports and evaluates priority scientific works;
• discusses issues of coordination and creative partnership with other scientific institutions;
• listens to the reports on work results of scientific subdivisions, their heads and specific employees;
• discusses plans and reports on work results of doctoral programs, considers and approves topics of doctorates, gives recommendations to them;
• nominates and supports nomination of outstanding academic works for State awards and awards of scientific and public funds as well as nominations of leading academics for awarding honorary degrees of the Russian Federation.

Subdivisions of the Academic board
Eight subdivisions were established for consideration of issues on priority activity directions of the institute eight subdivisions:
• division for geology of black, non-ferrous, precious metals and non-metal minerals;
• division for geology of uranium, rare metals and fuel solid mineral deposits;
• analytical division;
• mineralogical division;
• technological division;
• division of geological and economical evaluation of deposits;
• division for informational and analytical support and planning of prospecting surveys;
• division for geological and informational systems and technologies.
The composition of subdivisions is approved by the institute director. Heads of subdivisions are deputy institute directors, heads of departments and leading scientists.
Subdivisions of the Academic board work on the basis of plans approved by the heads of subdivisions.
The preparation of documentation for the subdivision meetings and presentation of the materials (minutes, decisions) is carries out by the academic secretary of the subdivision.
Subdivisions of the Academic board have the following tasks:
• discuss questions on efficiency of researches devoted to the issues of government contract, sectoral programmes etc.;
• consider and recommend for approval programmes and reports on researches funded by the government;
• consider research process and determine measures aimed at compliance with the time frame set by research and development department of the institute;
• consider suggestions for annual plans of research;
• prepare issues that have scientific and practical value for consideration by the Academic board;
• consider and approve topics of candidate theses and work plans for postgraduates and candidates, provide control and help for postgraduates and candidate research scholar;
• consider and recommend for approval opinions of the institute on thesis abstracts, dissertations, scientific works, inventions etc. prepared by scientific subdivisions;
• consider and recommend for publishing of articles, monographs etc. by institute employees;
• have a preliminary consideration of doctoral and candidate dissertations.
Subdivisions of the Academic board make decisions by open vote (excluding some cases when the subdivision finds it necessary to have secret vote).
Subdivision of the Academic Board makes a decision if not less than half of the staff participated in voting; decisions are made if not less than 50% of the people present at the meeting voted for the decision.