Being published since July of 1931, the magazine became one of the basic magazines in geological field. The magazine contains materials of the board of Federal Agency on Subsoil Use and Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, selections on different aspects of the country’s mineral base, new methods and technologies of conducting prospecting work. There is no pressing issue in the sphere of geological and geophysical research, technologies of searching and prospecting of natural resources that was not discussed on the pages of the magazine. Multidimensional nature of the addressed problems and high level of published materials make the magazine interesting to geologists, geophysicists, hydrogeologists, geochemists, drilling people etc. Constant publications of the industry leaders help to always be informed of the main tasks that are set before the specialists. The contributors of the magazine are prominent scientists, largest providers of prospecting works, geologists, economists etc. The majority of articles contain lists of references, charts, graphics and pictures.

All materials published in the magazine are reviewed and undergo academic evaluation. Magazine “Prospecting and Conservation of Mineral Resources” is included in the list of major scientific magazines and publications developed by the Higher Attestation Commission.

Magazine is published in the amount of 1000 copies and is sent to almost all geological organization of the country as well as to the libraries: State Public Science and Technology Library, Russian Geological Library, MSU, the Central Institute of Bibliography etc. The magazine comes out each month and can be subscribed to. It is included into the Union Catalogue “Russian Press” with postal code 13007 and into the catalogue of the Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communication “Newspapers, magazines” with postal code 84412 etc.

If you have any question, please contact:
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Pechenkin Igor Gertrudovich
Deputy Chief Editor
tel.: +7 (495) 950-34-64

Tigunova Marina Ivanovna
Head of the publishing sector
tel. +7 (495) 950-30-25, tel./fax +7 (499) 238-15-67

Magazine site: rion-journal.com