The aim of the Research Council:

To develop and to integrate methodological recommendations on the use of new progressive methods that enable technological assessment of minerals with the choice of main ways of their perfection (with respect of requirements of sustainable subsoil use).

Structure of the Research Council:

  • NSOMTI Bureau is the governing body of the Research Council;
  • The Research Council consists of two subdivisions: technological and mining engineering; members of these subdivisions are leading researchers and specialists in the sphere of mining, technology of primary enrichment and processing of solid minerals;
  • Functioning office of the Council is the technological department and the department of methodological assessment basics of prospecting and technical documentation on development of solid minerals deposits of FSBI VIMS.

Methodological documentation:

More than 130 documents of methodological and reference character were approved and endorsed, 12 standards of RosGeo on technological methods of research were developed.


Kurkov Aleksander Vasilievich
Chairperson of NSOMTI
tel. +7 (495) 950-31-97

Sokolova Viktoria Nikolayevna
Academic Secretary of NSOMTI
tel. +7 (495) 950-34-89