Science and Technology Coordination Council for Uranium at the Institute VIMS was founded in 1960 to make more effective and better coordinated decisions and find solutions to the most important scientific and technological problems in the sphere of geology of uranium. Representatives of all institutes, departments and organizations that worked on uranium were included in the KNTS (KNTS is now Science and Technology Coordination Council for Geology, Prospecting and Exploration of Uranium).

KNTS had the following tasks: consideration of the main research directions, programs and findings of the important studies of the Research Institute, annual planning of research works of institutes, coordination of these plans and their integration with the tasks of producer organizations. Priority directions of the Council’s activity were always reproduction and widening of uranium resource base both on the territory of working enterprises and enterprises under construction as well as in the new ore prospective area. Improvement of prospecting technology, prospecting and exploration of uranium deposits, prospect assessment of locating new objects and finding new types of ore were also on the Council’s agenda.

In 1966 KNTS entrusted VIMS with support of all interested organizations with scientific and technology information on scientific achievements in geology of uranium deposits and technology of uranium commodity. The same year was marked by the first edition of Information sheet based on KNTS materials (chief editor V.I. Kuzmenko, deputy – I.N. Zubrev), (nowadays - Information book of KNTS). At the moment 160 books of KNTS were published; they reflect the state, tasks and prospects of development of the uranium sphere.

A.D. Ershov, V.I. Kuzmenko, A.N. Eremeev were the Chairperson of KNTS in different years. С 1994 г.

Since 1994 Coordination Council is headed by Director General of VIMS, Professor G.A. Mashkovtsev.