The library was founded in 1915 on the basis of collection works of Professor V.V. Arshinov. Honorary Worker of Science gave his name to the library of VIMS and to the book stock of Moscow department of Geolcom. Today STL of VIMS is the second largest library in the field of geology and related areas in the Russian Federation (right after the library of A.P. Karpinsky’s All-Russian Institute of Geological Research in Saint-Petersburg).

Collection of literature and documents comprises approximately 400 thousand items, among them 41 thousand copies of scientific literature and documents, 89,430 copies of foreign publications. There are also free copies of all VIMS publications.

Collection characteristics in terms of science fields:

  • geology
  • geochemistry
  • mineralogy
  • pertography
  • methods of mineral resources survey
  • ecology
  • mining
  • economics

Complete collection of such publications as “Mining journal” (since 1825), “Papers of All-Russian Mineralogical Society” (since 1830), magazine “Minerals” (1926-1937), “American Mineralogist (since 1917), “Economic Geology” (since 1905) and a number of others are of special value to the library.

Catalogues: alphabetical, object, geographical, systematical; open catalogue of all VIMS employees’ reports since 1926.

Card-index: VIMS employees’ articles for magazines (led since 1975), “Methods of Minerals’ Analysis”, thematic card-index. E-Catalogue of magazine articles of geological-mineralogical science is maintained since 1998 and comprises 4,500 entries.

Library clients’ services: under a loan and inter-library loan programs. Clients can also use library reading rooms.

The library organizes thematic exhibitions and exhibitions of new additions to catalogues; provides bibliographic services: preparation of bibliographic, thematic, factual references;
STL participates in organization of book fairs at international congresses, symposiums, annual sessions of All-Russian Mineralogical Society, organizes thematic exhibitions for scientific conferences, briefings held in the institute.

Library size – 500 sq.m., number of seats in the reading room – 30, number of readers – 550 (taking into account 230 people from scientific staff).

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Serper Nadezhda Aleksandrovna
Head librarian
tel. +7 (495) 950-33-17, tel./fax +7 (495) 959-34-47;