Detection and study of supracolloidal systems of plant and technogenic origin, determination of occurrence forms of valuable and harmful elements, peculiarities of internal structure of mineral individuals, identification of mineral inclusion of micro-nanoscale size. Equipment: scanning electron microscope Tesla-301B, transmission electron microscope Tecnai 12B.

Рудные псевдоморфозы замещения первичного гематита вторичным магнетитом. КМА, РЭМ
Ore pseudomorphosis of replacement of primary hematite with secondary magnetite driven by magnetite alteration (by form newly formed elements belong to hematites, by composition they can be classified as magnetites); KMA, SEM
Агрегат циркона, с прерывистой каймой бадделеита. Алгаминское. ПЭМ
Zircon aggregate with intermittent baddeleyite rim. Multiple zoned DL records dot and ring reflection of baddeleyite. Algaminskoye deposit. TEM